9 Feb 2010

Information and Information Systems

According to the book I have ever read of information is one important resource in an organization: used as a decision-making. in connection with it, the information must be qualified. According to Burch and Grudnitsi (1989), the quality is determined by three factors, namely;• relevance• on time, and• accuracy
Accuracy means that the information is free from error. Relevance means that the information truly useful to a decision action made by a person. on time means that the information came in when needed so useful for decision making.
To make it easier for workers in an organization in obtaining the information, the information could be involved. more specifically, organizations typically implement information systems.
What exactly is information systems? by Alter (1992), information system is a combination of inter-working procedures, information, people, and organized information technology to achieve goals within an organization.

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